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So you want to look like the baddest bride on the block?
Look no further, babe.

As a licensed cosmetologist, professional wedding photographer/videographer and the friend that had to do everyones makeup in high school and college, it was only a matter of time till I started glamming brides.  As I explored the bridal world and applied my learned makeup skills with what I already knew about photography. I realized quickly that I bring something to the table that other makeup artists might not have ; the knowledge of  how to do wedding makeup not only for the aisle, but the camera too. 


Booking FAQ

Can I book you for myself and my bridal party?

Yes! I am comfortable working on multiple people and under a time restraint.


Can I JUST book you for makeup and not for wedding photos/video?

No, unfortunately wedding photos/videos are my main source of income and I cannot give up a Saturday for only wedding makeup. However if you decide to book me for wedding photos/video/or both then you can absolutely book me for wedding makeup, wether it is just yours, or your whole bridal party! 

Are you able to cover hyperpigmentation/acne/acne scarring?

The short answer is yes, I do my best to work with my brides to achieve the most flawless look possible. However, being a photographer has taught me that what makeup may not be able to achieve, editing can. So if you get a last minute pimple on wedding day, don't sweat it. I have also dealt with severe acne and hyperpigmentation since I was in high school, so I have a lot of experience covering it on the daily.

Do you do wedding makeup trials?

Yes, at an extra cost I am willing to do a makeup trial.

How do I book?

Go to my "contact" page and select the wedding content package you are interested in + Bridal makeup.

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